Packaging design can alter customer perception

4 min readNov 18, 2021


We’ve mentioned this in our previous article about package design — Packaging began as a tool that provided products with a protective covering layer. Branding and sales were simply not a part of packaging until the end of the 19th century. Today, however, the packaging is first and foremost seen as a branding & marketing tool, and then only do we ever sit and think about the actual practical implications.

Let’s explore what these implications are. But first, what is customer perception? The perceptions that customers have around your brand are referred to as customer perception. It includes all of their assumptions, opinions, and interactions with the business and its products, both pleasant and unpleasant. It’s based on all of their interactions with the business.

Customers’ perceptions about your company influence whether or not they will buy from you, which has an impact on your profits. Knowing what your customers think about you can help you figure out what you’re doing right and where you can improve. You’ll also have a clearer sense of what drives people to interact with your brand.

How does package design alter customer perception?

#1 It makes your product more visible.

Packaging is an important aspect of any business strategy for a company that manufactures or sells goods. Level of detail and a concept of a brand image are required when it comes to the impact of product packaging on consumer choices. It’s especially important in retail sales, where the correct packaging design may draw a customer’s attention and make a product stand out on a shelf next to another vendor’s goods.

#2 Gives your product an identity of a brand.

Consumers will connect a brand’s reputation with the packaging of its products. The product’s packaging should generate a brand image that distinguishes it from the competition, which can be challenging when the items are comparable. Product placement and sales are influenced by the impact of packaging on merchants.

#3 Impacts their view of the company selling the product.

A unique and highly creative product package design that also makes a pop-culture reference can speak volumes to the millennials and the newer generations of buyers but will offend older people. Similarly, a simplistic, very minimal package design would attract older customers but the youth will find it boring.

To build the correct product package design, knowing who your customer is will help a great deal in ensuring your product’s package design sends out the right message to the right buyers.

#4 Acts as a medium to send a message to your potential buyers.

The quality and sustainability of your product package directly reflect on the quality and sustainability of your product, and also onto your business as a whole. Getting some small things right can help you a lot in the long run.

The concept of quality is of product packages also matters. A wide range of brand quality standards uses packaging as a point of alignment. Packaging as a shielding source of quality within sends a message of quality and care to the buyer.

#5 Helps your brand make important statements that people appreciate.

Packaging that is environmentally friendly shows your customers that you care about the environment. By keeping the goods secure, packaging can influence the consumer’s experience. The use of innovative design in product packaging, as well as recycled and biodegradable materials, will reinforce consumers’ positive thoughts about the product.

What’s the next step?

Product package design is fairly simple, but great product package design requires skill & experience.

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