Expressing Brand Values through Design

3 min readDec 9, 2021


In order to be perceived as trustworthy, dependable, and professional, your company needs to have a striking visual identity; something that sets your brand apart. Although running a business can be an all-consuming process, the fact is that in order to reach more customers, you need to have a consistent ‘brand language’ that reflects in its design.

Your brand design reflects your brand’s personality. Every day, new products, services, and ideas are introduced to the market. Integrating your brand into the product design is crucial to avoid commoditization. Simply offering products and services is not enough to make your brand last. A big chunk of what makes or breaks a business lies in the connection a brand has with its audience. This requires openness and transparency. People want to know not just what you do, but also what your company stands for.

The conceptual and emotional aspects of a brand are together expressed through physical elements in Visual Brand Language, which is a core part of product design.

How does Design Convey Brand Values?

#1 Shows Authenticity & Credibility

Investing in quality visual design communicates credibility. The importance of design in the decision-making process cannot be overstated. Organizations that invest in good visual design are seen as more reliable. As a result, the time and money you put into your visual design and how you present yourself is directly proportional to the attention you pay to your business.

#2 Makes Your Business Memorable

Your business will be remembered if it is designed well.

When it comes to brand design, visual design is more than just the physical appearance of a brand, business, or product; it goes much deeper. A website’s attractiveness and appeal are aided by good design. The professionalism of a website typically determines whether or not a visitor will stay and continue browsing. Good designing is bound to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

#3 Acts as a Communication Tool

The poor design has a detrimental impact on how customers interact with and perceive your company; customers who find it difficult to access information on your website will most likely skip it and move on to other sites. Contrarily, practical and professional visual design can help in not only attracting more customers but also in establishing a brand following, which can boost engagement.

How can you express your brand values through design?

  • Providing Information- Visual Design isn’t limited to aesthetics. It also comprises an effective display of information. When a product or website is well-designed, it conveys information that allows and assists the consumer in making correct judgments and informed decisions. In fact, design can be used to subtly influence the consumer in making the decision you want them to.
  • Logo & Consistency- The individual recognizes the brand by recognizing a consistent set of features that stands out from the crowd — highlighting the importance of a graphic designer in logo creation. The chance of customer recognition is directly related to the visual qualities of the logo and typography/font.
  • Evoking Emotions- This pertains to the ‘feel’ of a brand or the experience that it provides. The emotional reaction that the brand induces in the consumer, determines how the consumer perceives the brand. It has been observed that when a brand’s goals, objectives, and priorities align with the consumer’s, it leads to a positive perception formation of the brand.

The design you choose to represent your company can either push you forward in the game or become a hindrance. Why let it hold you back when you can rely on us to meet all your design needs?

We are Koloursyncc, a marketing & advertising agency that understands the power of design as a tool for communication. We’ve spent hours studying consumer behavior and have successfully helped multiple brands reach their business goals.

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