Do you know the “best” social media platform for your brand/business?

Social Media is today’s digital bread & butter. It’s a place where a billion people come together and connect, which is what makes it the perfect place for businesses and brands to market their products and promote themselves. But what platform is the best one? Let’s find out.

Things to keep in mind while joining a social media platform as a business:

This is probably the biggest factor that should be taken into consideration. The more users a certain social media platform has, the higher amount of customer reach will be possible.

2. Growth Rate

The growth rate is a very easily overlooked factor when in reality it can have major implications on your business’ long-term social media impact. It is very simple, businesses need to get on platforms that have a high rate of user growth. Just because a platform has a lot of users right now doesn’t mean that they will have that in the future as well.

3. Commercial Versatility

Commercial versatility refers to the easiness with which a business can set itself upon a social media platform. Since all social media platforms are designed with a view to cater to individual users, working to make the experience of businesses becomes secondary. This makes it important to analyze which social media platform is more compatible with businesses.

4. Ad Access

Advertising is the age-old marketing technique that has been successful in delivering results for centuries. Various social media platforms have different ways in which they allow businesses to promote themselves through the use of advertisements. By comparing statistics and offers, businesses can decide which social media platform has the advertising technique which suits their needs better and also fits their budget.

Why is there no “one, perfect social media platform”?

There are two answers to this.

The first one is simply that different businesses have different goals that they seek to achieve through the use of social media as a way to promote and market themselves — some businesses want to increase their user reach, some want to boost sales, while some want to make it easier to connect with their customers.

The second one is much more technical. Each social media platform has a different metric system which gives them unique advantages and disadvantages that another platform may not even consider. Things like the average age of the user, the reason why the user is engaging on a platform, and the rate of success a specific social media platform has.

These are the two reasons why there is in fact no perfect social media platform since every one of them has different advantages and also because different businesses have different goals.

The verdict.

The key thing to keep in mind is that the availability of multiple social media platforms shouldn’t be viewed as a choice to make. Instead, they should be viewed as various opportunities waiting to be taken. In place of just focusing on a single social media platform, businesses and brands should spend more resources on a group of major ones.

Is managing multiple social media accounts sounding too hectic for you?

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